Celsius Performance Glass

Part of the Global Glass range from Synseal.

At the heart of the Celsius range lies tried and tested technology, specially developed by one of the world’s largest glass manufacturers, with over 35 years experience in glass production.

Thanks to products such as Celsius One and Celsius Elite, consumers are ever more aware of the benefits performance glass can bring to any conservatory. Celsius Clear completes the range by providing a performance glass solution for side-frames.

For more information about our products, choose from the menu at the top of the page, or alternatively download our brochure for an easy to read PDF file featuring a wealth of information and pictures of installations utilising Celsius Glass.

If you are interested in purchasing Celsius Glass, please enquire with your conservatory supplier as Celsius is not available direct to the homeowner.

The Celsius Glass Range is just one component of a wide range of conservatory products available from Synseal and its divisions. To find out more about the accompanying ranges, visit www.synseal-homeowner.co.uk or www.k2conservatories.co.uk